Kawasaki | Actic Cat Dealer in Reno, NV

About Kawasaki | Yamaha of Reno

Located at 2345 Market Street in Reno, Nevada, We consider ourselves lucky to be in such a perfect place to enjoy the entire outdoors offer. Weather riding an atv over the crest of Peeving Mountain, Taking a Cruz on one of our award winning Vulcan’s or blasting thru the water on Lake Tahoe with the most powerful jet ski s on the planet!!!You can do it all right here.

We have been in business for over 20 years and thru our highly trained staff and customer first policy, we plan on being around for a lot longer. We always say, if you take care of your customer,   your customer will take care of you.

With the completion of our new massive building, we offer one of the largest selections of Kawasaki vehicles and Yamaha WaveRunners in the west. With our amazing new showroom floor we have one of the largest selections in accessories and parts for your every need.

The owner, James Griffith always had the saying, that if you take care of the customer, the customer will take care of you. It is this type of belief that has added to our success. Due to Our highly trained staff and quality service we are always getting repeat customers. That says a lot about us and without our customers, we wouldn’t be here.

We have played an active part in our community, from donations to several groups such as motorcycle runs to donating atv’s for J.D.R.F. We believe in buying local and helping your own local community is a very important. I invite you to come on in and say hi to us. Let The Good Times Roll.